Cybersurveillance and Cyberespionnage

Mémoire rédigé par Marine DOUCET dans le cadre du séminaire The international politics of technology and ecology. Lien : Cybersurveillance & Cyberespionnage Cet article porte sur une analyse de ces nouveaux outils d'appropriation de l'information. Il s'attache à démontrer que ces nouveaux dispositifs affaiblissent le politique et procurent du pouvoir aux experts et aux multinationales. Le pouvoir... Lire la Suite →

Институт Лобби – плюсы и минусы/Lobby Institution – pros and cons

Le premier article d'une série consacrée au Lobby présentée par Mikalai Mikhed, membre du Master Carrières internationales, 2014/2015.   "Институт Лобби - плюсы и минусы".   Геополитические реалии, имевшие место в недалеком прошлом и те процессы, которые происходят сейчас на мировой арене, актуализировали вопрос о значимости лоббизма не только в системе политического развития плюралистического современного... Lire la Suite →

Conflict in Mexico

Mexico for a long period of time was put in jeopardy of narkomafia organized crime. Although in the 1980´ and 1990´ it was not perceived as a typical drug producing country as for exemple Columbia, Bolivia or Peru, it was however taking advantage of its geographical position and the fact that mexican territory creates a bridge between southern drug... Lire la Suite →

The Impossible Reconciliation Between Two Koreas

The last CrisisWatch bulletin from the International Crisis Group stated the situation in the Korean Peninsula stays unchanged. Despite the first high-level talks between DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) and ROK (Republic of Korea) since 7 years, held on 27 February, the tensions run high in the divided Peninsula. The Korean war (1950-1953) summary... Lire la Suite →

Eastern European protests 2013/2014

The year 2013 saw various protests all around the globe but it would be a generalization to consider them all the same. This paper focuses on two still ongoing protests in two different Eastern European countries: Bulgaria and Ukraine, mainly Bulgarian protests in comparison with those in Ukraine. However, it is important to note that... Lire la Suite →

« ICTY : 20 years of International Justice » – Rencontre avec David Martini

Nous avons rencontré David Martini, avocat américain, consultant pour Global Rights Compliance, et enseignant du Master 2 Carrières Internationales (international conflicts et international security), lequel a accepté de répondre à quelques questions sur le Tribunal Pénal International pour l'ex-Yougoslavie. En effet, il a été avocat conseil dans le cadre de certaines affaires jugées devant le TPIY. Pour consulter... Lire la Suite →

Kyoto Protocol and Post-Kyoto negotiations

Introduction Protection of climate system of the planet Earth was separated as an independent environmental topic in the occasion of important international conferences in the 1970´s and soon has become one of the most discussed environmental issue itself. The importance of this subject was proportionally growing as the scientific knowledge and certainty rate that climate... Lire la Suite →

“The process of claiming rights across borders were to generate transnational citizenship, then the citizenries that are empowering themselves should be clearly identifiable“ Jonathan Fox,  Unpacking “Transnational Citizenship”. 1. Introduction American “melting pot” is supposed to integrate immigrants from different cultural backgrounds into a neutral civilian and political community, respecting their ethnic traditions, identities and organizations. Actually... Lire la Suite →

To find peace in war: toward the « garrison state » ?

                                                 Article écrit par Axel Lebrun, originellement publié à :   In 1941, Harold Dwight Lasswell, a leading American political scientist and communication theorist, wrote an article in The American Journal of Sociology, titled... Lire la Suite →

The Future of Irregular Warfare in the Nuclear Age

          Article écrit par Axel brun, originellement publié sur: In December 2004, Mustapha Setmariam Nasar, alias Abu Musab al-Suri, uploaded a 1600-page manifesto on the internet, The Call for Worldwide Islamic Resistance. Al-Suri explained in it how al-Qaeda was “not an organization [but] a call, a reference, a methodology”, an idea behind a “leaderless... Lire la Suite →

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